Geography Coursework On Rivers

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You should always follow the guidelines offered by your teachers.The speed at site 1 is high because, prior to our arrival at the sites, there were heavy rain-falls (June 10th 2008, near Garstang).Because of this, and the steep gradient the upper-course has; there was a hefty gush of water which rained over a small surface-area at once, allowing water the ability to surpass the ridged wetted perimeter structure, containing large boulders which can slow the velocity.If you have any concerns regarding your geography coursework please ask your teacher.He/she will be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.It is so boring; there is nothing new to say about the stupid river which I investigated.Just a little rant - I am starting to think that I won't do well on my coursework for Geography; for example, most of it talks about one thing constantly!The material on this section of the site is based mainly around AQA Syllabus A. Basically I literally write the same thing over and over and over again for all 5 strands.There is an increase in the velocity between sites 2 and 3 because some of the water initially abstracted is pumped back into the river; additional water is also added as the river starts to meet its tributaries downstream. At site 4 we measured inside the inner-bend of the meander; which flows faster than the outer-bend. I'm in my A2 Year of Geography and your're using terms that I used in AS! Did you have to go on your own, if you wanted to do your own 'original research'?This increase continues until site 5, where the speed, from sites 4 to 5, decreases by 0.7 m/sec. This anomaly can be caused by the confluence of the River Calder and the River Wyre, 300 metres from the A6 Catterall playing fields, at an angle. you have included all the relevent info without waffling on and you have stats to show x y z... oh yeah of course you can get full marks, the place we went to visit was so far away from everyone that it was impossible to go there again, that was the annoying bit, but yeah thats what the teacher said also because she told us what measurements to take... lol For fun (im in year 11) we went with the year 10 geographers to the river they are studying (no idea what its called put its in the peak district).


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