Gibberellic Acid Coursework

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“A given phenotype arises from a genotype that develops within particular environment (Pierce, 46).” The genotype determines the boundaries for development but how the phenotype develops is also determined by other genes and environmental factors.

Several genotypes with the known phenotypes of interest of Brassica rapa are known.

However, there are setbacks in using Brassica rapa, including parthenogenesis where there is a production of viable seeds without a male parent to contribute pollen.

This serves as a possible problem in analyzing the offspring because the progeny will have characteristics identical to the female parent.

"People who are doing this are sceptical and are not putting all their money on these findings," says Jianhua Zhang, who works on other aspects of ABA at Hong Kong Baptist University. Collecting proteins from plant cells for binding studies is easier said than done, he says, as plant cells are particularly crowded, complex places.

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Brassica rapa was used since it is a model organism.

A model organism possesses life cycles and characteristics that make them exceptionally suitable for transmission genetic study, “including a short generation time, manageable numbers of progeny, adaptability to a laboratory environment, and the ability to be housed and propagated inexpensively (Pierce, 6).” Brassica rapa possesses all of the necessary qualities to be a particularly good candidate for our experiment.

Mendel’s observations in his experiments involving pea plants revealed that the phenotypes of the plants may be used to predict the geneotypes of the plants.

Mendel only used absolute characteristics in examining the plants of interest such as color, size and shape instead of quantitative characteristics.


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