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I work shifts at a call centre which manages orders for several online companies.

I work shifts at a call centre which manages orders for several online companies.

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We run regular workshops on employability skills, and you can book an appointment with one of our advisers to discuss how to improve your employability in relation to your career choices.

More articles: You can also check out our Assessement Centre and Psychometric Tests pages for details of the problem-solving exercises recruiters use in their selection processes.

I promised the customer that I would do my best to help but I would need to do some research and phone him back. Describe the ACTION you took: I could not check with the office as they were closed and my supervisor had already left for the evening, so I searched for the same product code to see if I could find updated information on other records.

This confirmed that the product was now back in stock and that several deliveries were actually scheduled for the following day.

Identify the TASK: Whilst listening to the customer, I accessed his record.

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This was no help in solving the problem as it simply reiterated what the customer was saying and did not give any more up-to-date information.

We all use our initiative and creativity to solve problems every day.

For example, you might have to change your route due to traffic congestion, solve an IT issue, or work out what to make for dinner with the ingredients left in the fridge.

Creative thinking is a divergent process, using the imagination to create a large range of ideas for solutions.

It requires us to look beyond the obvious, creating ideas which may, at first, seem unrealistic or have no logical connection with the problem.


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