Homework Should Not Be Abolished

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Some might argue that homework gives parents valuable insight into how well their child is coping with different areas of the curriculum.

Homework, however, is not the only means of keeping abreast of this.

It may be hard for a teacher to judge what an appropriate reading level is when they have such a vast vocabulary.

There is also the possibility that the teacher is tenured and just does not care whether they are teaching correctly anymore because there almost no chance of them being fired.

The same studies have suggested that no proven non-academic benefits, such as teaching self-discipline or instilling a strong work ethic, exist either which leads me to wonder why our children have to do homework at all.

Ireland is on course to be the fattest nation in Europe by 2030 — an honour we’d rather not have bestowed upon us.Homework assignments given nowadays are not directed towards a child’s abilities. In Voorhees’s experience, a fifth grade student was given a reference that was at a twelfth grade reading level (Voorhees, 2011, p.363). “Grandparents Against Homework.” Educational Gerontology, 154-163. Homework is a topic that almost everyone fights about, from educators to students to parents. According to Marzano, during the first couple decades of the twentieth century, teachers believed that homework helped students become more disciplined, but by 1940 homework was thought to interfere with the home life of students (Marzano, 2007, p.74). An Exploration of the Students Voices Regarding Homework.” Walden University, 1-135. “The Case For and Against Homework.” Educational Leadership, 74-79. Reluctance, resistance and resulting arguments are the regular flavours of the day here on school afternoons when the troops arrive home, laden down with school books and in the mood for playing and chilling rather than more work.Family time, time with their friends and even after school activities are all impacted by the surrender of our evenings to homework.Homework should be abolished because it does not improve testing abilities or achievement, causes unneeded stress, and hinders students’ home life. Homework does not improve the knowledge of today’s students.


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