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In the interim, we are focused on locating our business with busy neighborhoods such as the central business districts where foot traffic is high.It is believed that this will immediately increase the sale of our products while adopting other marketing strategies to boost our available market.

Our Mission Statement Our Mission at Hot Dog Express is to provide our critical services that include high quality hot dogs and other snacks prepared under highly hygienic conditions to our esteemed clients who may be hungry after a hard day’s work, or in-between working hours to keep them moving, while at the same time making sure that our products and services are very cost effective.

Our Vision We at Hot Dog Express intend to have one of the best hot dog cart business in Los Angeles within the first year of our operations.

Financial Plan From our analysis, based on the sale of our products, which include hot dogs, snacks and drinks, we have a projected yearly income of $150,000 and a yearly expenditure (which includes expenses like uniforms, insurance, business and health licenses, equipment, losses incurred through spoilage etc.) of $50,000.

Marketing and Sales Strategy We will be hiring the services of marketing experts who will oversee the smooth running of our business and ensure that we effectively market and increase the sales of our products.

Market Analysis/Trends Because of the changing nature of schedules within our society where people have little or no time at all to take care of themselves, we have discovered that this needs to be exploited.

Although there are thousands of competitors in this line of business, we will be offering on-the-move services, targeting densely populated areas, and also attending events such as sports events to provide our services to those who may be in need of our catering services.

These include the use of the internet which covers our websites and also our social media presence which will be vigorously promoted.

Also, the will be placing adverts on yellow pages, and also adverts through the local radio and TV stations.

I can't calculate the return yet quite exactly but I've asked other venders and I can sell anywhere from between 85-200 hotdogs a day for the .5 rate here. Other people in my uni and in my age group (21) in general, have cool startups, marketing and advertising and other tech savvy businesses.

They have websites, clientele and all that other fancy stuff.


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