How To End A Piece Of Creative Writing

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Edit, Edit and Edit The key to a great writing is always reviewing and editing it again and again until you feel like you’re satisfied with it.

T.128-1996 Our imaginations will take us anywhere we can conceive of: into the past or the future, to places we have never been to and places that have never existed. In the case of a museum object or painting, we can choose to visit the time when it was made, and imagine who made it and why.

We can imagine the things that might have happened to it over the course of time, who owned it, what it meant to them, what scenes took place around it. We can use it as a starting point from which to begin a journey through a whole imagined world.

Well, of course grammar is one thing but trust me, everyone has their own way of writing and no one in the world can help you to make it a piece of cake.

They know that this has to be the most interesting sentence that’ll grasp the reader’s attention and thus, tend to spend a lot of time coming up with the right tone, sentence or sometimes, a quote or an anecdote because they know that’ll work. Even the most experienced writers find it hard to come up with catchy introduction lines.


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