Impact Of Globalization On N Culture Essay

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Many writers suggest that cultural globalization is a long-term historical process of bringing different cultures into interrelation.Jan Pieterse suggested that cultural globalization involves human integration and hybridization, arguing that it is possible to detect cultural mixing across continents and regions going back many centuries.Cultural globalization is one of the three main dimensions of globalization commonly found in academic literature, with the two other being economic globalization and political globalization.

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The past half-century has witnessed a trend towards globalization.

Within the media and pop culture, it has shaped individuals to have certain attitudes that involve race issues thus leading to stereotypes.

Technology is an impact that created a bridge that diffused the globalization of culture.

It brings together globalization, urbanization and migration and how it has affected today's trends.

Kluver and Fu followed up with an extended analysis, using this method to measure cultural globalization in Southeast Asia.

The patterns of cultural globalization is a way of spreading theories and ideas from one place to another.Terms such as Coca-colonization have been coined to refer to the dominance of American products in foreign countries, which some critics of globalization view as a threat to the cultural identity of these nations.Another alternative perspective argues that in reaction to the process of cultural globalization, a "Clash of Civilizations" might appear.Some critics argue that the dominance of American culture influencing the entire world will ultimately result in the end of cultural diversity.Such cultural globalization may lead to a human monoculture.A visible aspect of the cultural globalization is the diffusion of certain cuisines such as American fast food chains.The two most successful global food and beverage outlets, Mc Donald's and Starbucks, are American companies often cited as examples of globalization, with over 36,000 The Big Mac Index is an informal measure of purchasing power parity among world currencies.The circulation of cultures enables individuals to partake in extended social relations that cross national and regional borders.The creation and expansion of such social relations is not merely observed on a material level.They refer, for example, to the movement of religious practices, language and culture brought by Spanish colonization of the Americas.The Indian experience, to take another example, reveals both the pluralization of the impact of cultural globalization and its long-term history.


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