Impact Of Ww2 On Canada Essay

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At that time in Canada, there weren't many jobs for women.Women of the middle-class or lower-class had limited choices for good job, because it required good education and skills to get higher level jobs.

At that time in Canada, there weren't many jobs for women.

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World War II had a significant impact on most of the countries.

Four Tribal class destroyers (almost 120 m long), heavily armed and capable of a speed of 36 knots, were built in Halifax but were not completed until after the war.

Still, the ability to produce Tribal class destroyers shows just how far the Canadian shipbuilding industry had come since 1939.

Among the Allies, Canada possessed the only source of uranium, the key component in the production of atomic bombs.

In all, Canada produced .8 billion from its natural resources during the war.Daisy has to work hard to make her position in the band.Working hard to get money and taking care of children at the same time require lots of hard work and determination.Between 19, Canada’s gross national product (GNP) more than doubled.Wheat from the Prairies, lumber from British Columbia, Northern Ontario and New Brunswick, and minerals from various parts of Canada began making their way to eastern port cities for transport to Britian.Many existing factories were retooled to produce war equipment and munitions, while others were built from scratch with amazing speed.In all, 28 Crown corporations were established, manufacturing weapons, munitions, and chemicals for the war effort.Canada’s economy underwent dramatic changes during the Second World War, as Britain looked overseas for new sources of food, lumber, minerals, and other resources.While the 1930s were dominated by the Great Depression, the outbreak of war spurred the greatest growth the country has ever known.The sudden availability of industrial jobs caused a substantial migration of people from rural areas to urban centers, creating a massive housing shortage in urban centers and changing the very nature of Canadian society.The Canadian government played a prominent role, along with the private-sector business and industry, in organizing and assisting in the rapid mobilization of resources and industry during the war.


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