Intel Case Study Strategy

Intel has also been making moves into the graphics chip business.Persistence and perseverance for your product should always be present in the company.

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Recommendation: We recommend Intel to review the current supply risk management process and put an effort to move away from “looking backwards” analysis (I. Assess supply chain risks by monitoring historical financial performance) 5.

Rather, segmentation of the supply chains per different risk groups and spreading Intel’s reliance on supply chain will enhance company’s ability to manage the risks associated with the supply chains.

The first handheld calculators and PC’s were developed through the innovation of Intel‘s microprocessors.

In the early ass’s increased competition from Japanese semiconductor manufacturers had dramatically reduced the profitability of this market this made Intel to shift the company’s focus to microprocessors.

Today at least 80% of Intel’s processors are used In PC’s globally.

Their product line consists of: chippies, motherboards, flash memory used In wireless communications, networking devices, laser printers, industrial machinery, and alular phone base stations.Memorandum Andrew Grove, President and CEO To: From: xx Subject: Recommendation on Various Operational Issues Date: December 31, 1994 This is to highlight few areas of operational issues that were identified during the Intel‘s crisis over the floating-point problem in the processor and to discuss potential solutions to avoid similar issues in the future.Summary The following are the key issues covered in this memo: Intel’s Product Recall & Media Response Strategies Manufacturing process – Supply Chain Risk Management Accounting Policies o Warranty Liableness Stock-based Compensation Expenses Review of Employee Profit-sharing Program As Intel learned through the crisis over the defected product, the company recall strategy, if poorly managed, could have “significant impact on firm’s reputation, sales, and financial value” 1.Recommendation: We recommend Intel to revisit current employee profit-sharing program and implement an annual employee review program, which provide each level of employees with an opportunity to set annual goals that can have direct impact on their annual profit-sharing amount.This could bring employees at all level of Intel into day-to-day decision making & long- term profit-generating process, which will bring maxim benefit of bonus program back to the company.I Just commend Intel for being so flexible and how quick they are in satisfying the ever changing demands of the consumers.Study Key success factors for Intel: Management Intel placed top priority on their people, and encouraged openness, fairness, and responsibility, Intel was able to take full advantage of its workers.) Take no action, under the assumption that the issue is not material.Recommendation: We recommend Intel to take the option 1) illustrated above. 5, Accounting for Contingencies”, corporations are required to record warranty liabilities when warranty claim is probable and the amount can be estimated.In fact, Canadian corporations are already required to disclose such values in their financial statements 6 as per the accounting standard adopted by CIA. lee Ana prepare to It is becoming quite common for prominent companies like Intel to try to motivate aliened workforce by linking employees’ compensation to the firm’s performance.The main idea of such incentive program is to motivate employees to work harder towards the corporate goals, “while keeping fixed costs Io W’7.


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