Inter American Foundation Dissertation

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2019 Julia Bowes, The University of Hong Kong, “Invading the Home: Children, State Power, and the Gendered Origins of Modern Conservatism, 1865–1933” [dissertation completed at Rutgers University–New Brunswick, under the direction of Jennifer Mittelstadt and Ann Fabian] 2018 Alexandra J.

Finley, Mississippi State University, “Blood Money: Sex, Family, and Finance in the Antebellum Slave Trade” [College of William & Mary dissertation, with advisers Scott Nelson (chair), Cindy Hahamovitch, Hannah Rosen, and Henry Louis Gates Jr.] 2017 Ava Purkiss, University of Michigan, "'Mind, Soul, Body, and Race': Black Women's Purposeful Exercise in the Age of Physical Culture, 1900–1939" [dissertation completed at the University of Texas, Austin (History) under the direction of Professors Tiffany Gill and Daina Ramey Berry] Honorable Mention: Jenna Healey, Yale University, "Sooner or Later: Age, Pregnancy, and the Reproductive Revolution in Late Twentieth-Century America" [dissertation completed at Yale University, directed by Professor Naomi Rogers] 2016 Susan Hanket Brandt, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, "Gifted Women and Skilled Practitioners: Gender and Healing Authority in the Delaware Valley, 1740–1830" (Temple University) 2015 Jessica Wilkerson, University of Mississippi, "Where Movements Meet: From the War on Poverty to Grassroots Feminism in the Appalachian South" (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) Honorable Mention: Keisha N.

LSU’s San Diego II Alumni Professor of English Rhetoric and Classical Studies Professor Bill Demastes was presented with the award for the arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences. in civil engineering with a minor in mechanical engineering, earned the award in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for his doctoral dissertation that expands knowledge on the mechanical behavior of the brain.

The George William Barineau III Professor Kam-biu Liu in the LSU College of the Coast & Environment’s Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences was presented the award for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. in English, earned the award in arts, humanities and social sciences for his doctoral dissertation on the effects and representation of globalization in literature. The Distinguished Research Master Awards and Distinguished Dissertation Awards were presented on April 3.

Materson, Yale University, "Respectable Partisans: African American Women in Electoral Politics, 1877–1936" 2001 Amy G.

Richter, Clark University, "Tracking Public Culture: Women, the Railroad, and the End of the Victorian Public" 2000 Karen J.

Leong, Arizona State University, "The China Mystique: Mayling Soong Chiang, Pearl S.

Buck and Anna May Wong in the American Imagination" Carol Williams, Rutgers University, "Framing the West: Race, Gender and the Photographic Frontier' on the Northwest Coast, 1858–1912" 1999 Catherine Allgor, "Political Parties: Society and Politics in Washington City, 1800–1832" 1998 Marla R.

Moreover, a new model is developed for the behavior of the brain tissue that addresses the tension-compression asymmetry, taking into account the compressibility of the tissue in different loading conditions, implemented with a combined analytical and numerical scheme. majoring in civil engineering with a minor in mechanical engineering as well as a graduate certificate in materials science and engineering from LSU.

Samadi-Dooki received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering from Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. He is currently employed as a mechanical engineering consultant at Dupont Electronics and Imaging in Wilmington, Delaware.


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