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If there is a subtitle, follow the same rule; e.g., The emergence of man: Twenty-first century lessons not learned.Write the title of the periodical using italicized font.Writing a Source Card for a Book Writing a Source Card for a Journal Article or Magazine Writing a Source Card for a Website Organizing Source Cards Source Cards Write Ups Show 2 more... Ask a Question Related Articles References wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. Before writing a paper, most people make detailed notes on their chosen topic.

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Again, make a note on your note card that indicates italics. Include volume number and year after the journal title: Journal of American Philosophy 6.3 (2009).

Place a colon after the year and include the abbreviations n.

Include the date you retrieved the article, for example, October 31, 2009, and the URL. Record the author of the article, citing last name then first name: Jones, Bill.

Place the title of the article in quotation marks, keeping capitalization the same as it is written in the original title; e.g., "The Emergence of Man: Twenty-First Century Lessons Not Learned." Note that the title of the journal will come next in italicized font.

This will be included in parentheses directly after the author(s), so record this on your note card using last name first and only the first initial of the first name.

For example, the author's name is Bill Jones, so you record Jones, B. For more than one author, follow the same format and use an ampersand (&) between the last two entries: Jones, B., Smith, B., & Ringold, J. Record the title of the article, capitalizing only the first word; e.g., The emergence of man.

Making source cards helps you to organize your information and will save you significant time when it comes to writing your paper.

Find the volume and issue number of the journal you're referencing.

Source cards can be written in a variety of citation styles such as Modern Language Associate and American Psychological Association formats. If the author's name is not given, write "Unknown" in its place. The title of the article or Web page should be italicized. When citing an online journal or encyclopedia, include the author or editor's name, article title, encyclopedia, database or journal title, copyright date, online publisher or sponsoring institution and date accessed.

When citing a Web page, include the author's name, title of the Web page or article, the date the page or article was accessed and the full URL to the source. In APA format, the citation should look like this: Author Last Name, First Name (Date of publication). Write the citation in MLA format as follows: Author Last Name, First Name.


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