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Is Accounting A Safe-38
There are three areas of security you need to consider with cloud-based accounting software: The security of your supplier: Are they a reputable and reliable company, and not a financially shaky, fly-by-night operation that’s understaffed and may suddenly vanish one day?Or are they well known and perhaps a listed (public) company, with the extra levels of legal and financial scrutiny that brings?

Excel spreadsheets can be encrypted with a password: make sure you don’t lose it though.

Providers employ professional grade security technology so your data is safer with them than on your own hardware.

They have security experts on hand, and are able to invest more in the very latest security.

Common causes of office falls include: Luckily, these fall hazards are totally preventable.

Whether you are the office manager, business owner, or just an employee who wants to ensure a safe work environment; take a minute to read the following simple tips which can help you stop a fall before it happens: For more information on how you can help to provide or support a safe office environment review the collection of resources offered by the National Safety Council.


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