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Confidence should not just be heard in your voice, but also projected through your body language.“Responses should also be articulated well through the use of effective body language techniques such as high to mid steepling with clear, open-faced hand gestures followed with triangulation of eye movements,” Kamboj adds.For example, if given the wireless headphones question outlined above, you could look into real companies in that space (e.g.

All of this can inform how you answer the question.

If you haven’t been given a question to prepare for in advance, look up Glassdoor to see which questions previous candidates have been asked, or simply search online for “case interview questions.” Look at how others have answered them, and think about how you would answer them yourself.

If you’re interested in consulting, you’ve almost certainly heard of a case interview — a job interview in which you are presented with, and asked to solve, specific business challenges.

But increasingly, case interviews aren’t just for consultants.

“There are numerous theoretical frameworks out there, for example, the 3Cs, 4Ps, Porter's Five Forces, Pricing Framework, Market Entry Framework etc.” Look up some of the most common frameworks, and think about how you can apply them in a given situation.

“The idea is not to memorize these frameworks and regurgitate them during the interview, but to use them as a way to support your strategic thinking process.

For example, ‘Why are you choosing that particular approach? “Candidates should describe their thought process as transparently and thoroughly as they can.” Be Yourself Though proper research and preparation are important, you don’t want to sound like you’re just echoing other case studies you’ve read or frameworks you’ve practiced.

’ or ‘What other ways could you look at the problem? “The MOST important words of wisdom that I have is that you should absolutely be yourself.

“Case interviews do not have right or wrong answers more so because the candidate is working with limited or hypothetical information.

What interviewers are really looking for is the candidate's ability to think logically and analytically to come up with feasible solutions to a problem,” says Chris Chancey, founder of Research If you’ve been given the question ahead of time, make sure to research everything you can about it.


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