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The law of the struggle for existence, undoubtedly, plays a significant role in it, as in the whole life of the animal world.However, there are other themes which are depicted in the story, you can find them out if you read through our Call of the Wild essay.

The dog who was a member of a wealthy family and had everything in its dog’s life became the dog used for the transportation by sleds in the snowy deserts of Alaska.

Even the fact that Buck was the first time in a cage was a big stress for him because he had never experienced that before, in his comfortable life full of food and good shelter.

Jack London discovers the primitive society on the way of its development showing the real nature of people, which often can be ugly.

One more critical feature in the character of Buck is a striving to domination.

New conditions of life awaken in him the ancient instincts. Only love for Thornton continues to live in his heart.

Jack London Coursework

Analyzing the story about animals, all critics try to emphasize the enormous role that the biological philosophy of life allegedly plays in it.Nevertheless, Buck realizes that if he wants to survive he needs to adapt to the new conditions and learn how to be competitive in this severe, often deadly for the dog world.The last point of this metamorphose was the fact when Buck could kill the human: “He had killed man, the noblest game of all, and he had killed in the face of the law of club and fang.”(Chapter 7) Although it was revenge for the death of his favorite master John Thornton, that was a point from where was no return to his previous life, but Buck’s belonging to the wild nature.(“The Call Of The Wild Study Guide”) However, Buck did not only managed all these difficulties but also earned his respect and reputation, among both dogs and human.Violence and sufferings are escorting almost all the events of this book.(“Sparknotes: The Call Of The Wild: Themes, Motifs & Symbols”) The dogs described in the book literally had to fight for their lives.Adaptation, wisdom, and knowledge are the necessary elements for survival.By reading through the following Call of the Wild essay, you can get ideas to write your own paper.As in the northern stories, in the “Call of the Wild” the North is romantically opposed to bourgeois civilization.Moreover, the story described in the book took place during the gold rushes.It was a time when the land was not yet explored by a human, and the dog sleds and carts were the only vehicles in the wild nature.


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