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After all, you are committing to a specialized path that may require additional time and cost.With a limit of just 250 words, you have no choice but to cut to the chase.Given the 450-word maximum for this essay, you should skip or at least minimize any preamble and dive into your response, clearly identifying your selected core values and describing specific situations that illustrate them in action.

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To be effective and believable, your ups and downs must be woven intrinsically into your narrative, rather than simply acknowledged at the end.

Clearly explaining how you approached and prevailed over the challenge at hand is crucial, so go beyond simply describing the roadblock itself and ensure that you detail your response and the inner workings of your decision making at that point.

Simply stating that you embrace certain values is easy, so the admissions committee is understandably asking for illustrations of this phenomenon to better gauge this for itself.

Having an idea of how you tend to incorporate your core beliefs into your life will help the school better envision how you might fit into its classrooms and the business world after you graduate.

Leadership does not need to have an official title attached to it, and it can be expressed in a community service or even family life setting just as much as in a workplace, so explore all the different areas of your life for possible stories.

This season, Kellogg has added the qualifier “recent” to the prompt, so avoid reaching too far into your past for options here, and focus on situations that best illustrate your current capabilities and values.

That said, the school acknowledges within the prompt that even endeavors that have a positive result are rarely smooth sailing from beginning to end—hence the question about challenges faced.

A mistake applicants often make in writing this kind of essay is presenting a strong narrative in which they are incredible leaders, and then near the end, making a brief (and typically disjointed) reference to a hardship or conflict encountered along the way, meant to fulfill the “challenges” element of the essay query.

On its admissions FAQ page, the school lists “values and motivations” among the elements it seeks in candidates, so a frank query on the topic only makes sense.

Kellogg wants to know how your values influence your decisions and actions, and in particular, which ones tend to guide you most often or intensely.


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