Lack Of Education Causes Poverty Essay

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A person who does not receive an education has a very small chance of making much money and acquiring skills that would bring home a desirable income.

Many who do not have an education bring their family into a cycle of poverty, where their children do not necessarily have the income to go to college or even do not have a desire to acquire a high school diploma.

In the early 20th century rather than the success of the students.

The foundation of most of our public schools is not geared toward benefiting all students, especially ones from lower classes.

Works Cited Macartney, Suzanne, and Alemayehu Bishaw. “The very moment the first plane was hijacked, the democracy won.” (

This means that the very second the first plane was hijacked; America had already won the Eliezer and cause him to feel that life is not worth living.Before 1850, American’s food flavoring was formerly used as flavored food and beverages from local and foreign sources of flavorings such as rum, fruit juice, and spices in the home.People discovered nature aroma when they found food flavoring could be enriched by simple methods.Some believe it started somewhere in the Middle Ages.Dependent on who one listens to, one may consider a different start time."Society has been trying to reduce poverty for over 500 years" (Indigenous) and has never succeeded.The education and skill level, health or handicap status, and discrimination play a vital role in poverty.Breaking these norms results in many arrays of emotions.To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, and The Help by Kathryn Stockett all exemplify the consequences of breaking standards in societies with set norms to uphold. These words sum up what has been happening in the college for years now.Perhaps it all started in England, under Edward III, with the Statute of Laborers, enacted in 1349 or with the work ethic in 1571 with Martin Luther.Regardless we have had organized attempts to rid ourselves to poverty for many years, and, we have been at it a very long way to go.


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