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Four-year, long-term evidence of self-discipline, intellectual curiosity and hard work; that’s what matters the most.

Bystanders to a robbery in LA testified that the perpetrators were in a yellow car and the male was black and the female had blonde hair.

The prosecutor made up his own stats to make the numbers work for him.

Former Dean of Admissions for Bates College William Hiss led the study which tracked the grades and graduation rates of students who submitted their test results against those who did not over several years.

Hiss’ data showed that there was a negligible difference in college performance between the two groups.

Such as “interracial couple in a car together: 1 in 1000.” Typically used by prosecution to argue for the guilt of a defendant during a trial.

Although it is named after prosecutors it is not specific to them, and some variants of the fallacy can utilized by defense lawyers arguing for the innocence of their client.I would never say the SATs and ACTs have no predictive value for anybody; they have predictive value for some people.We just don’t find them reliable cross populations,” says Hiss. The SAT started in the 1930s as a scholarship test for Ivy League schools.But how much should exams like the SAT and ACT really matter?A study published Tuesday that probed the success of “test-optional” admissions policies in 33 public and private universities calls into question the need for such testing.We need to see evidence that the student can bring something to a high level of skill,” Hiss said.According to the data, if high school grades are not high, good testing does not promise college success.Only .05 percent of a GPA point set “submitters” and “non-submitters” apart, and the difference in their graduation rates was just .6 percent.There are about 850 test-optional colleges in the U. What should college admissions officers look for instead? “The evidence of the study clearly shows that high school GPA matters.Students with good grades and modest testing did better in college than students with higher testing and lower high school grades.“The human mind is simply so complex and so multifaceted and fluid, that trying to find a single measurement tool that will be reliable across the enormous populations of American students is simply a trip up a blind alley.


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