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Most of the speciality coffees were 4 euros anyway so it is not that much more for the breakfast and it did look good.I sunk my double espresso pretty fast and was still in the mood for something hot to drink.

You'll have opportunities to practice your French outside of class and learn what makes the French culture so alluring through: Languages, Literatures and Cultures Majors.

Students with a major in French Studies, German Studies, or Spanish complete at least 28 semester hours above the 201 level witha minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.00.

Adding one of our interdisciplinary minors, like applied linguistics and international studies, help you gain a better understanding of important topics in today’s world.

Immerse yourself in language and culture while pursuing a French degree at Susquehanna.

The clients were a broad mix, there were some couples and a group of friends and a few people working alone which is always good for my motivation. They had the classic drinks available but alongside that was an impressive selection of speciality coffees.

There were all sorts available with all the spices and ingredients listed and they sounded pretty delicious.Inside the decor is very inviting, lots of country chairs and hard wood floors and pictures of cakes and muffins on the wall.It has a comfy cabin feel to it which I really like and right now there are loads of festive decorations.I was greeted by Nickola the manager who was very interested in where I was from but couldn’t guess based on my accent which is always encouraging.He fixed me up a double espresso; I was still a little sleepy and not feeling much vigour.Students placed at the 300 level complete 24 semester hours at the 300 and 400 levels witha minimum GPA.At least one course in the target language must be at the 400 level.The Independent Study (542) in all languages may also be counted toward the major and minor.French, Italian and German require one related history course.You'll sharpen those skills through fun activities and clubs on campus and by studying abroad through our Global Opportunities program.Majors can study in semester-long programs in one of four French cities, while minors can also choose from shorter programs restoring a medieval castle or learning language and culture in the French countryside.


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