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It forms the most preferred way of accessing, synthesizing and retaining information.

They will usually memorize through repetitive reading and writing of notes.

They will also visualize the answers in their minds, especially during an exam.

He had visual, kinesthetic as well as reading and writing preferences.

This implies that the student prefers use of visual aids while learning in addition to getting hands on experience on the topic being studied to enhance its comprehension (Staley & Staley, 2011).

The first group categorized as visual learners are those who learn best through use of visual aids.

Learning Style Essays

They prefer looking at pictures, diagrams and flow-chart (Staley & Staley, 2011).They also like getting information from watching videos and through demonstrations.Furthermore, visual learners prefer to read a topic ahead of the lesson time in class for better comprehension.Evaluation is done online with a self-scoring set of questions.The VARK model categorizes learners into four main groups.Auditory learners prefer hearing information to other learning styles.Such students like attending classes so as to listen to the lecturer. Auditory learners further enjoy discussing a topic with other students or with the teacher to enhance their understanding.VARK is a model for analyzing various learning styles adopted by students in a school setting.A learning style in this case refers to the depiction of a process that a student uses to learn best.Moreover, they like experiencing the complexity of an exam.Therefore, they not only answer questions at the end a topic but also they design their own set of questions and attempt them.


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