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The idea of any insecurity to British power never entered AN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL EPITOME 3 anybody's head. There was, it is true, Bismarck, whom I was taught to con- sider a rascal; but it was thought that the civilizing influences of Goethe and Schiller would prevent the Germans from be- ing permanently led into wrong paths by this uncivilized farmer.

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% at the time when Xnimbibed'H^dominant political prejudices.

f There was to be ordered progress throughout the world, no revolutions, a gradual cessation of war, and an extension of parliamentary government to all those unfortunate regions which did not yet enjoy it.

My grandmother used to laugh about a conver- sation she had had with the Russian Ambassador.

If I said anything that I really thought they neither stared at me as if I were a lunatic nor denounced me as if I were a criminal I had been compelled to live in a morbid atmosphere where an unwholesome kind of morality was encouraged to such an extent as to paralyze intelligence.

And to find myself in a world where intelligence was valued and clear thinking was thought to be a good thing caused me an intoxicating delight.


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