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But you do need to explain why your study should be done at all, or at least why anyone should pay attention to your results.

Even if you are attempting to replicate a previous study, and thus your research probably won’t differ much from previous research, provide a rationale for how and why the project will provide a necessary update to a classic study. You need to be sure to explain to your reader why you are writing about a particular study as you discuss them in a lit review. You also want to make sure to discuss previous research thematically.

A little inspiration goes a long way towards making for a great, readable lit review!

You must know the text of your book very well to be able to succeed in review writing.

Or perhaps your study will be focused on a specific subset of the population that the previous studies did not.

The biggest question we should all ask before conducting research is “so what? One shortcut to answering this question is to say, “Other people have studied this, so this is a subject worth studying” through your lit review.A lit review isn’t about condemning others to prop up our own work.A good lit review can be both engaging and informative.This is a way of telling readers that your study is part of an ongoing conversation in the field, and thus is worthy of study.Maybe when you read other people’s research you find some gaps—what the other researchers examine that your study will?How is your research question slightly different from those asked in other studies?Ideally, other people’s research will guide you in constructing your own study.In this post, I’ll break down the steps you should take to write an informative—and dare I say interesting—lit review.First, let’s go over why lit reviews are important.Maybe your research topic has typically been studied using large data sets, and you are going to use in-depth interviews; this is an opportunity to discuss the similarities and differences between your studies.Here’s another common question: “I couldn’t find any previous studies on my subject. ” Typically if a student has trouble finding other research on a topic it means one of two things: they are not looking in the right places, or their topic is so far astray from the discipline that it really isn’t an appropriate topic of study.


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