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Finding models of other literature reviews is essential as it helps you see how others handled similar tasks.Follow the right literature review format by listing references according to relevance and how much data obtained from each source adds weight to your literature review.Start with the ones that contributed most to your research paper knowledge.

The purpose of sources and references is to provide valuable information.

Use relevant keywords, and find credible academic references that add value to your research paper and strengthen your position.

This means you should narrow down your working topic as much as possible.

Ask your professor about how many sources to include, their nature, and whether you should analyze, evaluate or critique them.

Think about what interests you and what would interest readers.

It’s also critical to mention sources that contradict to your research viewpoint as these sources add value to your assignment.Read and evaluate them to understand assumptions made by other researchers, in addition to the methodologies used.Highlight the names of notable experts in your field and list all conflicting opinions in your literature review.In the end, you will write the conclusion where you summarize evidence and mention how they relate to your findings.Here are some steps you can follow to finish this part of your assignment: Literature reviews should be detailed and specific.It’s important to mention the most important theories and trends in your area of studies.Your field of knowledge plays a role in determining the significance of sources.If you’re merely stating names of researchers and what they’ve done, then you’re doing your literature review wrong.The literature review of a research paper is different from a bibliography.Your lit review will be made of 3 parts, the introduction, main body, and conclusion.In the introduction, you should highlight the importance of your research topic and mention any controversies, in addition to background knowledge.


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