Marc Bloch Strange Defeat Essay

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This may be partly explained by his acceptance into the academic establishment, which often results in the ideas of influential scholars becoming part of the public domain rather than the subject of critical discussion.

For most contemporary historians, especially those who are not medievalists, familiarity with Bloch’s work is limited to his monograph on historical method, have suffered from neglect.

However, some have argued that he would have disagreed with subsequent developments in Annales scholarship (and in the social sciences more generally) during the 1960s, when scholars placed an increasing emphasis on quantitative analysis, statistics and demographical studies.

This is perhaps best exemplified by Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie’s (1966), which was to a large extent a “history without people” characterised by studies of food prices and population growth.

In the early 20th century, Henri Berr advocated a synthesis of these historical and sociological approaches that was to prove a pivotal influence on Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre.

Bloch and Febvre met in 1919 while they were both teaching at the University of Strasbourg.

Although Bloch's teaching duties were extensive, he had access to sufficient resources with which to pursue his research in an open and stimulating academic environment.

During this period, he came into contact with a number of academics in other disciplines, with whom he exchanged ideas at weekly seminars.

Bloch studied at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, and afterwards in Berlin and Leipzig.

After the First World War, during which he served in the infantry, he became a lecturer in medieval history at the University of Strasbourg.


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