Mariner Bressay Fields

It will also examine some of the key issues facing the sector and the energy supply chain today, such as the need to maximize oil and gas recovery from challenging environments and new offshore fields, and the need to reduce costs and innovate.

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The carbon injection scheme costs about USD 1.97 billion.

In the UK, EICData Stream is tracking 165 active and future offshore projects worth USD 83.5 billion.

The two fields have produced nearly 400 million bbl of oil since production started in 1998, and an estimated 450 million bbl of resource are still available.

The redevelopment of the fields will sustain production to 2035, and possibly beyond.

Shtokman is the third largest gas field to be discovered in the world, with more reserves in this single field than the UK and Norway combined.

Shtokman could be yielding 23 Bcm to 24 Bcm of gas per year by 2013 and 100 Bcm by 2030.

There is plenty to be optimistic about in the upstream oil and gas oil sector.

In this article, the Energy Industries Council (EIC) focuses on offshore opportunities globally, and identifies the hot spots of activity.

The field is located 600 km north of Murmansk, Russia, in water 340 m deep.

The Shtokman field lies in an area with seismic activity with several earthquake registrations.


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