Math Essay Writing Prompts

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(Though I did sometimes have the kids write their own word problems. )A number of years ago, my friend Jimmie at Jimmie’s Collage took up Math Mama’s challenge to write a poem that puts a positive spin on math.

Because there are no prizes involved, and no deadline, it’s easy join Math Mama’s challenge any time!

Be sure to explain each step in the process, so classmates will understand how you got the correct answer.

Treasure Map Grid You are the treasure-master for a swashbuckling pirate crew.

Recipe Challenge Your mom or dad has agreed to make your favorite dessert.

Take the original recipe and triple it, so that there is enough dessert for everyone in the family, as well as some of the neighbors.

Give your puzzle a catchy name and include simple instructions for assembly.

Dream Day at School Your school administration is thinking of redesigning the daily schedule and the principal is asking for input from students.

Record the new recipe so that your mom or dad can start baking.

Everyday Math You are a math tutor for students at an elementary school.


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