Media Influence On Research Papers

In the digital platforms created through social media, the consumer is able to access and view diverse products before the actual purchase of the products.

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In the current world, many marketers and business owners have turned to social media as their brand awareness platform to showcase their products to their customers of interest.

In fashion industry, marketers rely on the customer retention through promotion of classic items to a wide range of persons.

Consequently, the adoption of such platforms is growing.

Such fast adoption is evidenced by the growing number of users in various social media networks ranging from social media platforms such as Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook.

The teenage group of consumers entails peer groups that pose influence on major spending activities, whereby the schools are characterized by virtual fashion shows, especially with the teenage girls.

In the high school experience, every student wants to look good in front of his/her peers and that plays great roles in the use of social media in promoting fashion (Fardouly et al., 2015).The trend is especially noticeable among tech-savvy teenagers who are among the first people to know of new emerging platforms.Evidently, social media and other applications of web 2.0 have had tremendous influence on people’s lives.Basically, almost every high school teenager in the United States operates a social media account, including Facebook, Whats App, My Space, Yahoo, Google , Twitter, etc.The social media platforms facilitate the sharing of experiences through personal photos that are highly based on fashion competitiveness amongst the teen group (Ghaznavi & Taylor, 2015).In the United States, use of the Internet is very frequent especially amongst the teenage groups, and hence sharing of products is highly convenient.Research has identified digital behavior, or the use of Internet, as an influential factor on consumer behavior and expectations (Fardouly et al., 2015).Failure to understand the consumer behavior can present great marketing challenges.Understanding consumer behavior is a strategic activity that can be applied in the overall improvement of the organization’s marketing approach.There has been a remarkable outburst in social media usage in the past decade.Social media platforms are increasingly growing as developers come up with better applications and new features.


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