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For instance, people can make 'after-dinner tea' by simply putting spearmint leaves and licorice roots together and cover them with boiling water (Smith, 2010).Also, a large quantity of herbs such as corn, tomato, pumpkin, cucumber and sweet pepper are culinary vegetables.In addition, different herbaceous fruits and vegetables have different good impacts on human bodies.

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Because herbal plants provide humans various foods as an important energy to keep themselves alive, they are obviously a necessary part of humans' daily lives.

Furthermore, humans can use different parts of a herbal plant which have specific functions.

However, this situation changed a few months after I started to take traditional Chinese medicine at the suggestion of my father's friend.

After I went to middle school, I was able to play and do most sports regularly as an ordinary child.

Kumar, Prajapati, Purohit and Sharia (2003) state that herbal medicines have different effects on body systems, and these effects rely on different chemical constituents of particular plants.

Similar to one of the most significant supporting points in last paragraph, herbs are able to maintain and even improve human health.

For example, Small (2006) states that 'Most herbs are eaten directly, usually to flavor other foods.

Plants organs used include roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds' (p. Different parts of a culinary herbal plant have different values in cooking.

Based on the purpose of Chinese dishes, flavors like ginger and garlic have the ability to improve the overall tastes of a dish or soup by helping other flavors being absorbed well.

Most significantly, culinary herbs have respectable values for protecting both human health and the natural food chain.


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