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Microprocessor Assignment-24
6.2, describes the order in which the transactions occur.

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Figures 6.1 and 6.2 represent two common concept maps used in software engineering.Using the divide and conquer approach, each element in the partitioned project must be completely tested and validated before integrating it with another element.You don’t want to design new code based on the functionality of incorrectly functioning old code. After integration of all partitioned elements, system tests determine how well your design effort satisfies the stated requirements.Lab 1a is very limited in scope and complexity and focuses on defining the PIC32MX370 I/O pins as digital inputs or outputs in a tutorial-like fashion.Lab 1b is more open-ended and asks the student to extend the knowledge gained in Lab 1a by using the slide switches, push buttons, and the 4-digit 7-segment The reader is expected to have acquired the basic knowledge of programming a computer in C.Not all software applications require exotic planning tools, although all applications do require some degree of planning.After my 25 years of teaching a course on microcontrollers, the most common mistake I have seen students make is writing code before they completely understand the problem.Although the life cycle process appears to be a single pass, the final phase often results in cycling through the entire process numerous times to ensure that the delivered system meets the customer’s expectations. In most labs, the required hardware is provided on the Basys MX3 trainer board.In some instances, additional hardware such as motors will be needed.One should be able to determine where each line of software code is executed on the CFD graph.The CFD is also useful during the testing phase to ensure that a scenario can be generated that causes the execution to transverse each path through the CFD.


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