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Its successor, which I will call will exist materially whether anyone reads it or not.

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Its material production and its constitution were decided by its suppliers, that is, its author, publisher, serialiser etc alone – only the meaning was the domain of the reader.

on the other hand, to take a typical pseudo-modern cultural text, would not exist materially if nobody phoned up to vote its contestants off.

The terms by which authority, knowledge, selfhood, reality and time are conceived have been altered, suddenly and forever.

There is now a gulf between most lecturers and their students akin to the one which appeared in the late 1960s, but not for the same kind of reason.

Your complimentary articles You’ve read one of your four complimentary articles for this month. To have complete access to the thousands of philosophy articles on this site, please I have in front of me a module description downloaded from a British university English department’s website.

It includes details of assignments and a week-by-week reading list for the optional module ‘Postmodern Fictions’, and if the university is to remain nameless here it’s not because the module is in any way shameful but that it handily represents modules or module parts which will be taught in virtually every English department in the land this coming academic year.

Pseudo-modernism also includes computer games, which similarly place the individual in a context where they invent the cultural content, within pre-delineated limits.

The content of each individual act of playing the game varies according to the particular player.

The weakness in this analysis is that it centres on the academy, on the practices and suppositions of philosophers who may or may not be shifting ground or about to shift – and many academics will simply decide that, finally, they prefer to stay with Foucault [arch postmodernist] than go over to anything else.

However, a far more compelling case can be made that postmodernism is dead by looking outside the academy at current cultural production.


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