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I know what it’s like to feel unsafe walking on the street in the late afternoon, or walking alone at any time of day.It is with much sympathy and admiration that I read the well-written essay by this “Mauritian writer and essayist …This is one pernicious aspect of social media—in which hyperbole and indiscretion often snowball until we become caricatures of who we are in the flesh—a phenomenon which can poison interactions between otherwise reasonable people. Not always without reason, given the viciousness and ubiquity of social media trolls. In this case, Saramandi blocked her provocateur, which led to retaliation—he “posted screenshots of our conversations, said he thought I was ‘open to dialogue’ and that he would definitely talk to me about toxic masculinity when we next saw each other.” I cannot pass judgment on whether she was right to block him. But when she writes wearily that “[i]t seemed natural to him that he should impose his presence on me, ask for free emotional and intellectual labor, take up my time under the guise of ‘debate,’” I once again felt something was off.

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But, as someone who has read Peterson and Paglia, I see a transparent disconnect between Saramandi’s sampling of the contents of Awootar’s article and the seriousness, care and erudition with which those two scholars are capable of discussing controversial ideas.

The narrative was compelling, but something was off. I also discovered that she is James Mc Gill Professor of Religious Studies (in “post-retirement”) at Mc Gill University, and specializes in “Hinduism; Religions of Tamil Nadu; Hindu Ethics; Gender and Religion”—which perhaps explains why she doesn’t appear when you google .

One must judge for oneself whether it is worth engaging with an interlocutor who does not act in good faith, does not argue on merit, is obsessed with non sequiturs and red herrings, or otherwise reveals himself to be unworthy of engagement.

But when you write an essay for public consumption, on a serious topic like the alt right, and conflate , allude to Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia as if they were vacuous mouthpieces for crude alt-right polemics, and blithely dismiss reputable academics as “disgraced,” you have an obligation to correct the record.

retrograde, patriarchal,” unaware that “progress was coming whether they liked it or not and that soon, in a decade or so, they’d be embarrassed by their youthful rancor.” Saramandi continues, I grew up with stories of men murdering their female partners with crossbows and other implements, dismembering the women in their lives with grinder machines, raping their step-daughters, tossing female bodies into forests.

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I saw school friends married off at 15 to men twice their age.

‘Overcoming Feminist Ideology for Equality’ by Yasheel Awootar contains all the necessary references to Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia.” What does “all the necessary references to Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia mean?

She provides a sampling of the article, which can certainly be interpreted as controversial, even hyperbolic.

Saramandi does not provide us with links to the pieces that draw “ties between domestic abuse and the alt right.” Without citations, we cannot evaluate the articles for ourselves—leaving me wondering how her interlocutor would explain his side of the story.

Saramandi writes: “On March 8, International Women’s Day, a piece in a supposedly prestigious local paper made the rounds on social media.


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