Nature Vs Nurture Essay In Cold Blood

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“Of all the people in all the world, the Clutters were the least likely to be murdered” (Capote 85).

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By giving the readers a detailed accounting of Perry Smith’s and Dick Hickock’s childhood, Capote sets up the reader for nurture vs. The question then becomes, do the effects (if any) caused by environment in childhood make for a trained killer or a natural born one? By the time Smith and Hickock are hanged Smith is portrayed in the role of misunderstood good guy in the good-guy/bad-guy literary device.

Capote uses different voices to tell the story, creating an intimacy between the readers and the murders, the readers and the victims, and all the other players in this event—townspeople, investigators, friends of the family. Capote was not apposed the death penalty, he used the double handing as the dramatic ending to In Cold Blood.

Capote gives the killers a voice to show their humanity by giving childhood accounts of their lives.

He questions the justice of is the death penalty fair, and if inherent evil is a product of childhood or society. Capote gives a look into the minds of the killers and the nature vs. The detailed account the killers’ childhoods makes the reader sympathize with the Clutter family’s killers Smith and Hickock. Did Truman Capote take a stand on the death penalty? ...ionship with Smith during his time on Death Row, making his unbiased writing biased.

Although the actions were crul and grusome, does Death Row fit what they did if their pasts, childhood environments and situation, are bad.

Capote shows the effect of childhood on the killers and if the death penalty is fair.In spite of Dick’s unfortunate drawbacks Dick lives an average life, he marries has three children, and becomes a mechanic. the only difference is that he chooses to pull the trigger of a loaded gun.Dick lives a typical American life, but soon after his third child is born Dick has an extramarital affair which ends his marriage. No one can dispute that Perry’s mother and father’s alcoholism and abuse are direct causes to his run-ins with the law.Each clutch of eggs was fostered by another pair just prior to hatching.Offspring personality was measured once they were adults.Then there are the people who are born into a dysfunctional family or go through a traumatic experience and are simply incapable of adapting to social norms because of what they have experienced.Despite knowing that a combination of the two shape who one becomes, it is unclear whether one of them has more influence than the other.Shortly after his divorce from his first wife Dick remarries, but his second marriage ... It is quite evident that a combination of life experiences and heredity determine who one eventually becomes.Some people are blessed by having a good childhood and coming from a loving and nurturing home, which allows them to flourish in society; yet there are others who come from similar backgrounds are unable of functioning in society.Researchers at the University of Exeter and the University of Hamburg investigated how personality is transferred between generations.They found that foster parents have a greater influence on the personalities of fostered offspring than the genes inherited from birth parents.


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