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Also, net neutrality saves the internet as an ideal marketplace.

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Where a dispute existed, the writer was supposed to represent a broad range of opinions fairly, and anything controversial should have been left up to me to decide for myself. Later in life, given the opportunity to start an encyclopedia, I was a zealot for neutrality.

Instead, these writers were indoctrinating me, or trying to. My teenage ire at shamefully biased writers and editors found expression in Nupedia’s neutrality policy, which in turn became Wikipedia’s.

I defended these policies at length against criticisms, but I never carefully articulated or defended my views on neutrality in a paper. Ballotpedia has asked me to write this paper as part of their effort to adopt more formal, systematic principles and practices surrounding neutrality.

In this essay, I will defend neutrality as the preferred policy for some types of writing.

This dissertation is a fundamental reappraisal of the rules of maritime neutrality, including blockade, contraband and maritime zones.

It is one of the most comprehensive reassessments of this area of the law since R. Tucker's seminal work published in International Law Studies in 1955.

The piece traces the history and development of maritime neutrality rules, which are notoriously unclear, and states them as they apply today, taking into account technological advances and force structures where relevant.

Where the law is uncertain, or in the view of the author unsatisfactory, this dissertation offers recommendations for the law’s future development.

The concept of net neutrality is These lanes will be beneficial to an individual company but is not good for customers who will have deal with inconsistencies (The Economist).

Net Neutrality proposes a consumer-happy approach which is the main concern for network owners.


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