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On average, a nuclear power plant generates during a year of activity about 20 metric tons of used nuclear fuel (nuclear waste), while the entire nuclear industry generates during the year between 2,000 and 2,300 tons of nuclear waste.Such a large amount of dangerous nuclear waste is not entirely disposed right away, a part of it is recycled and turned into high-level radioactive waste (from used nuclear fuel), which in its final form will be disposed in a permanent facility. The Impact on the Environment Beside the fact that the nuclear waste is disposed here on the planet and requires tens and even hundreds of thousands of years to become inoffensive for the environment (uranium and plutonium), the mining process, refining and transporting uranium is also a dangerous process which involves high risks for the environment. Nuclear Disasters and Radioactive Incidents Humanity has built the first nuclear power plant that has used the nuclear fission reaction to produce electricity in 1951.

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"Two major accidents, at Three Mile Island in 1979 and at Chernobyl in 1986, have increased public concern about nuclear power safety".

(1) The most evident argument for Pro Nuclear Power deals with economics.

Nuclear energy or atomic energy is considered a very important source of energy for humanity because releases a very low amount of carbon emissions and has a huge potential to generate unlimited amounts of clean power.

All matter in the known universe is made of tiny units called atoms, and most of the mass of each atom is concentrated in its nucleus (the center of the atom).

However, thorium is a radioactive chemical element that can successfully replace uranium in the nuclear reactors.

Thorium is more abundant on planet Earth than uranium, has superior physical and nuclear fuel properties, and produces less nuclear waste. We already know that nuclear energy is not a renewable energy source because the supply of nuclear fuel is limited.The name of the nuclear reactor was EBR-I (Experimental Breeder Reactor I) and was designed to have an electrical output of 200 k W.Since 1951, many countries have started to build nuclear reactors to generate electricity (and weapons of mass destruction), and the nuclear disasters and radioactive incidents did not delay to appear.More energy is released in the nuclear fusion reaction compared to the nuclear fission reaction, and a much smaller amount of nuclear waste, which makes it more suited for our energy needs.However, humanity needs two or three more decades to master the nuclear fusion reaction, so by then we are bound to use nuclear fission and a combination of fossil fuels and renewable energy to cover the energy demand of the planet.Nuclear power plants have saved billions of dollars.Throughout the world, nuclear power has made us less dependent on oil and fuel.Nuclear Power has produced more controversy than any other energy technology.Because nuclear reactors are fueled by, and produce highly radioactive material, the risks they pose are more apparent.Luckily, scientists in many countries are working to develop nuclear reactors that could use thorium as nuclear fuel, which is a better nuclear fuel than uranium because is pretty abundant in nature and generates less nuclear waste.In about three decades from now on, it is very possible that humanity will master the nuclear fusion reaction, so the way towards unlimited clean energy is not so far.


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