Nys Global Regents Essay Rubric

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Make sure your students know the impact of geography on history.

For example, Britain managed to escape being taken over more than once in history because of its isolation as an island.

Past exams are available online, so encourage your students to review them and to take practice exams throughout the year to familiarize them with the topics on and the formatting of the exam.

Get your students ready to take the DBQ and thematic parts of the exam by having them take practice exams throughout the year and using the rubrics available to mark their own and each other’s essays to make sure their essays include everything necessary to earn a high mark.

Familiarize your students with the different types of multiple choice questions on the exam, which include recall, data-based questions, political cartoon-based questions, and map-based questions.

Students should know that the majority of the multiple choice part of the test is in chronological order.The Toolkit was created by NYS teachers for NYS teachers and is aligned with the National Council for the Social Studies’ C3 Framework.Along with adopting the Framework, the Regents also amended Commissioner’s Regulations Part 100.2 and 100.5 by establishing a two-unit sequence in Global History and Geography that is required for a Regents Diploma.The Global History and Geography Regents Examination is being changed.The transition exam will move from testing two years of Global History and Geography to testing material presented in Grade 10 only (approximately 1750 – present).The new Regents Examination in Global History and Geography II will be based on the Framework.This Fact Sheet outlines the changes to the Global History and Geography II Regents Examination.In 2014 the New York State Board of Regents adopted the New York State K – 12 Social Studies Framework, which replaces the 1998 Social Studies Resource Guide with Core Curriculum.The State Education Department (SED) released guidance and support documents for the Framework; the Field Guide and the NYS K – 12 Social Studies Toolkit.On the DBQ essay, students needs to know that when there is an “s” at the end of a word in the task, they need to discuss two or more of what is addressed in the directions.The instructions don’t always say to say how many topics you need to discuss.


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