Odyssey Scylla And Charybdis Essay

Odyssey Scylla And Charybdis Essay-63
How do you like the beating that we gave you, you damned cannibal? He was taunting poor Cyclops even though he had already escaped from the island and Cyclops could not hurt him anymore.

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In the end, he is the only one to succeed, so hes allowed to marry Penelope. There is no way he could perform a task like that all by himself, and because of that he shouldnt be named a hero.

A hero should be someone who can perform a great task by themselves.

He was at the Trojan War for ten years and it took him ten more to get home.

In O Brother Where Art Thou, Everett escaped from the chain gang so he can go home and win his wife back. In O Brother Where Art Thou, when Everett and his men are trying to fix their get away car, Everett is supposed to be getting car parts, but he is worried about his hair treatment.

”Deadly Charybdis-can’t I possibly cut and run from her and still fight Scylla off when Scylla strikes my men? He says this because he thinks he is unstoppable and that he can take any monster that comes at him.

He also wants the rights to brag about defeating a monster that no one else could defeat.

Our third big project was an Odyssey Compare/Contrast Essay.

Students had to pick a character from the book the Odyssey and another piece of work.

During his journey he comes face to face with deadly creatures, and has mind-boggling experiences at sea.

But after all that Odysseus has done, Im not convinced that he is a hero.


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