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Obviously, for small businesses, the organization will be far more streamlined and less complicated than it is for larger ones, but your business plan still needs to demonstrate an understanding of how you’ll handle the work flow.At the very least, you’ll need to touch on sales and marketing, administration, and the production and distribution of your product or the execution of your service.Think of this section as a resume-in-a-nutshell, recapping the highlights and achievements of the people you’ve chosen to surround yourself with.

Having a solid plan for how your business will run is a key component of its smooth and successful operation.

Of course, you need to surround yourself with good people, but you have to set things up to enable them to work well with each other and on their own.

If your company will have a Board of Directors, its members also need to be listed in the business plan.

Introduce each person by name and the position they’ll hold on the board.

This section of your business plan, Organization and Management, is where you’ll explain exactly how you’re set up to make your ideas happen, plus you’ll introduce the players on your team. If this is a plan for your internal use, you can be a little more general than if you’ll be presenting it to a potential lender or investor.

No matter what its purpose, you’ll want to break this section into two segments: one describing the way you’ve set up the company to run (its organizational structure), and the other introducing the people involved (its management).Here is where you can also talk about the other levels of employees in your company.Your lower-level staff will carry out the day-to-day work, so it’s important to recognize the types of people you’ll need, how many, what their qualifications should be, where you’ll find them, and what they’ll cost.A smooth-running operation runs far more efficiently and cost-effectively than one flying by the seat of its pants, and this section of your business plan will be another indication that you know what you’re doing.A large company is also likely to need additional operational categories such as human resources and possibly research and development.You want your readers to feel like your top staff complements you and supplements your own particular skill set.You also want readers to understand why these people are so qualified to help make your business a success.Detail his or her education, and any unique skills or experience, especially if they’re relevant to the job at hand.Mention previous employment and any industry awards or recognition related to it, along with involvement with charities or other non-profit organizations.It’s important to define the positions in the company, which job is responsible for what, and to whom everyone will report.Over time, the structure may grow and change and you can certainly keep tweaking it as you go along, but you need to have an initial plan.


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