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The activities are categorized according to three genres: creative and narrative writing; informative and explanatory writing; and persuasive and argumentative writing. Let us know in the comments._________Exercise #1: Write a story or poem inspired by music.

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And Lin-Manuel Miranda’s rap musical “Hamilton” was born of his love of hip-hop.

These writers understood what many educational researchers know — that music opens up pathways to creative thinking, sharpens our ability to listen and helps us weave together disparate ideas.

Harris — turn to a gauzy retro sound in “Fireworks,” a song always about ending up lonely: “Why do I do this to myself every time/I know the way it ends even before it’s begun.” With a 1950s slow-dance beat and echoey guitars, it’s already nostalgic for the next failed romance. Exercise #6: Profile an artist in an imagined interview.

The Times Music section regularly profiles artists from different genres, time periods and corners of the globe.

Walt Whitman conceived of and wrote “Leaves of Grass” while listening to opera.

Alice Walker, Langston Hughes, Ntozake Shange and Ralph Ellison were all moved by spirituals, jazz and blues.

They do background research on an artist they select, come up with a list of questions and answers for the interview, and then write a profile on their subject.

To start, have students read one of these interviews with musicians: Khalid, the Teenager With 5 Grammy Nominations: ‘They Got It Right This Year’Jay-Z and Dean Baquet, in Conversation John Mayer Has More to Say: The Outtakes Bruce Springsteen on Broadway: The Boss on His ‘First Real Job’Adele on ‘25’: Song by Song In Hip-Hop, Inspiration Arrived by Way of Kirk Franklin Gwen Stefani on Spirituality, Insecurity, Pharrell and ‘Truth’Ask students: What types of questions did the interviewer ask? What questions were missing from the interview that you wish were asked?


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