Phd By Publication Thesis

One of the benefits of doing a thesis with publications is that you will graduate with a number of publications to your credit, which will get your career as a researcher off to a good start.One of the pitfalls is the uncertainty that can be caused by delays in the publication process – some journals can take a long time before accepting your paper.They may supplement the articles with a motivation of the chosen scope, research problems, objectives and methods, and a strengthening of the theoretical framework, analysis and conclusions, since the extent of the articles normally does not allow this kind of longer discussions.

They constitute a comprehensive summary of the appended papers, and should clarify the contribution of the doctoral student if the papers are written by several authors.

They should not provide new results, but may provide synthesis of new conclusions by combining results from several of the papers.

you have been responsible for the key ideas, the development of the study and the writing of the paper).

It is possible to include papers co-written with other authors as long as you have their permission (preferably in writing).

A further reason for writing a compilation thesis is that some of the articles can be written together with other authors, which may be helpful especially for new doctoral students.

A majority of the articles should be reviewed by referees outside the student’s own department, supplementing the audit carried out by the supervisory staff and dissertation opponent, thus assuring international standards.

The Ph D by publication has become popular, especially in the sciences, but how do examiners react them?

The academic world is quite conservative and some Ph D students have encountered difficulties in the examination process.

is a doctoral dissertation that, as opposed to a coherent monograph, is a collection of research papers with an introductory section consisting of summary chapters.

Other less used terms are "sandwich thesis" and "stapler thesis".


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