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Added to all this, there is a pervasive perception – especially by those who aren’t doing much of it – that writing isn’t really ‘work’ (Murray 2012).This means that families or bosses can sometimes regard writing as less important than their own demands for candidates’ time and attention.But of course, many candidates are enrolled part time, they might have (sometimes substantial) work commitments, and many have family responsibilities for children and/or elderly parents – after all, the median age of Ph D candidates in Australia is 35, a life stage where much of this family commitment is at its peak.

Added to all this, there is a pervasive perception – especially by those who aren’t doing much of it – that writing isn’t really ‘work’ (Murray 2012).

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A draft Table of Contents with word counts for each segment becomes the working target guide.

Next, we make an early Gantt chart to map out the months and years of writing ahead.

But one thing is clear: for most doctoral students, the writing is not going to happen if they are not sitting at the desk.

Just getting them to the desk is part of the challenge.

Have you found some other ways to make this happen?

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By Claire Aitchison This question comes up frequently for students and their supervisors as they try to plan for timely completion of the Ph D. We all acknowledge that writing productivity is more complex than any formula.There are days when the writing tasks seem obvious and are quickly laid down in a decent form; on other occasions it takes an age to find a good structure that allows the points of the argument to emerge in a coherent order.One of the challenges for new researchers is to make realistic estimates of how long each writing task will take, and then match that with how much time they have available for the task (Zerubavel has some good advice on pacing writing in The Clockwork Muse, and suggests that it can be encouraging to slightly over-estimate how long tasks will take; then, if the job is completed a little ahead of time, a warm glow of success can be enjoyed).Finding out what suits each individual – or adapting to what one’s own life allows – is part of succeeding in this world of doctoral writing.It is sometimes too easy for supervisors and writing teachers to imagine that Ph D candidates have only their thesis to work on, and can devote themselves full time to writing.In thinking about how to respond to this, I came across Helen Sword’s recent article in which she reports on the broad range of writing habits described by all sorts of successful academic writers.What becomes immediately clear is that there is not just one time of day, amount of time nor place that works best – for each person it’s different and depends entirely on all sorts of other factors in their lives.But, the thesis does have to get written if the candidate is to get their degree.Keeping a diary to see where the time disappears to can be invaluable.And many writers respond well to having some kind of accountability built into their process.I for one find that external deadlines are a very useful way of forcing me to get on with the job!


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