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In the first section on the reading list, I use a slide that describes the DREAM Act in a single sentence. We dont want you to spend paragraphs or pages describing the details of proposed immigration reform policies (if that is the topic you choose).We want you to describe the proposed reform briefly and spend your time presenting a strategy for passing the law and explaining why your strategy should work using the theories we have discussed in the class.

No matter what the topic, all of your writing from the initial writing of the thesis statement through the building of your outline and the construction of your rough draft should be built around the basic idea of political science being discussed or proven.

Since this is the case, all of your ideas should be summarized appropriately in the conclusion of your paper.

Briefly describe your topic, sketch out the approach you will take (e.g., you will draw on your knowledge of public opinion and congressional behavior to show why Congress will (or will not) make changes in immigration law), present a tentative outline, and identify three or more academic sources for your paper.

The outline should consist of a series of section headings, each one followed by one or more short paragraphs describing the argument or information to be presented in the section.

These simple suggestions should make writing the conclusion to your research papers much easier and more valuable to any who read these papers in the future.

Each paper is going to be written to prove a thesis that is based on the ideas and thoughts of the author.

However, if a writer is firm in their stance and truly supports their thesis statement, the conclusion of a research paper should show this clearly to all of the readers.

Summarize your thoughts effectively in a political science research paper in the conclusion section and all readers will not only know where you stand but also why you stand there.

Wikipedia is a good source for citations, but it cannot be considered an authoritative source of information.

Your paper should not spend much time writing about the details of immigration reform (or any other law or policies).


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