Possible Thesis Statements For A Doll'S House

The Helmer marriage appears loving, but turns out to be based on lies, play-acting and an unequal relationship.

Krogstad appears to be a bitter, vengeful extortionist until he is reunited with his true love, Mrs Linde, when he becomes more merciful and generous.

Nora deceives Torvald about the loan and hides her own strength, even lying to him about trivial matters such as eating sweets, because she intuits that he cannot tolerate the truth about their marriage.

Torvald in return deceives Nora and himself when he claims, with apparent sincerity, that if he would take upon himself any burden that fell upon Nora.

His claim appears to arise from his poor self-knowledge and tendency to fantasize about his and Nora's life together.

Dr Rank pretends to Torvald that nothing is amiss with his health because Torvald cannot deal with anything disagreeable, such as death.Much like when Nora tells the maid not to allow the children to see the Christmas Tree until it has been decorated, she also tells Torvald that no one should be allowed to see her in her dress until the evening of the ball. She has a husband who loves her, servants to care for the house, and friends who dote on her. Nora secretly worked for years to pay back the loan, and right before paying off the balance, she receives a visit from the man (Krogstad) who lent her the money, a man who coincidentally works for Nora’s husband, a man who is soon to be fired by Nora’s husband, a man who blackmails Nora so he can keep his job.Over the duration of the play, however, the development of Nora's character shows the audience that her ways are only a cover for the emptiness she feels each day.In the play, we find out that she secretly negotiates a loan with Nils Krogstad, in order to pay for a trip to Italy for her husband's illness and recovery.Deception The reason why there is such a gap between appearance and reality is that the characters are engaged in various sorts of deception.Often, this is to enable them to enjoy acceptance or approval by others and society in general.This is difficult for her, however, for she has never had to strain to get anything.She's always had things handed to her and has always lived an over-comfortable lifestyle.Henrik Ibsen's, A Doll House, is a realistic play written in the mindset of realism.Throughout the play, lines of mockery and emphasis are present, giving the audience the feeling of fakeness and showing them a particular depiction of women in the 19th century.


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