Preschool Problem Solving Activities

Preschool Problem Solving Activities-69
As preschool teachers know, not all children have the same inclination to persist when challenged.

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How to build problem solving skills in our preschoolers mainly depend on encouraging them use objects in various and several ways.

For example, we can use Strings of beads from some old necklaces or Bracelets, to decorate other toys or make it like hair for a doll, or even a measurement instrument.

Frustrated, he threw a puzzle piece across the room.

Then, a few moments later, he calmly picked it up and tried again.

Before we list some problem solving activities for preschoolers it is very important to mention that reading has the biggest importance of how to develop problem solving skills in children.

Because Reading stories of super heroes who can always find their way to solve problems, even if they were different, this will encourage them to try and discover their own ways to solve problems.

Here, Young and Goldenberg present five things that all parents and teachers can do to foster this essential skill.”Young recommends teachers and parents start with puzzles and games, including math games.

Fun, simple games like Jumping on the Lily Pads and Two Numbers help students build basic ideas about number and order along with mathematical habits of mind, such as problem solving, puzzling, and perseverance.

“These types of prompts help the child develop problem-solving strategies and a sense of competence, which is key to mastery motivation.”When asking open-ended questions does not re-engage the child, it is okay to give just enough information—and some gentle guidance—to get past the point of frustration.

A well-timed, “I wonder what would happen if you turned this…” or even just holding the puzzle board steady so they can add their piece may be enough. Children who exhibit mastery motivation are able to stick with a task when it gets difficult.


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