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Some of the same issues that arose from in vitro fertilization will be revisited (e.g., infertile couples, replacing the death of an infant).Cloning has opened many doors that could lead to remarkable medical advancements but, as with all new technologies, it will be accompanied by ethical and social dilemmas.

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One of the reasons that cloning is attractive is that it reduces the effort and time needed for farmers to do what they have been doing for years: selecting and propagating the best of the herd.

Many people who don't support cloning say that its cons are: "Serious health risks are involved.", "Cloning could, someday, be used for warfare or slavery.", and finally, "Children whom have been cloned could potentially be looked down upon, or looked up to, causing lack of acceptance and individuality.".

Pros: Cloning is a technology that would allow infertile couples to have a genetically related child.

Cells turn on and off different genes as they become specialized (differentiated).

For example, blood cells need the hemoglobin gene on while skins cells do not.


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