Problem Solving Lesson Plan

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Present and explain solution ideas at the board, are questioned by classmates and teacher.

(2-3 students per lesson) Actively make sense of the presented work and draw out key mathematical points.

Remember, for true problem solving to occur, a problem of mathematical significance should be selected in which no solution method is readily apparent at the outset.

At the same time, however, all students should have access to the problem.

Students should build on their previous knowledge as they begin to solve the problem.

A critical goal of the solution process is the deepening and extension of students' understanding of mathematical concepts, along with development of problem-solving expertise.

Identify work to be presented and discussed at board.

Ask individual questions to spark more thinking if some students finish quickly or don’t get started.

(All students) Strategically select and sequence student presentations of work at the board, to build the new mathematics.

(Incorrect approaches may be included.) Monitor student discussion: Are all students noticing the important mathematical ideas?


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