Problem Solving Team Building

Hole Tarp - The objective of this challenge is for the team to work together to navigate a ball around a tarpaulin for as long as possible without the ball falling through a hole or off the tarp completely...

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Scrap Tower - Teams compete to build the highest tower that holds a weighted object off the ground for a minimum of ten seconds.

Careful planning and creative thinking are essential for this fun team exercise.

The group is split in two, with both sides working together to complete the challenge.

Cooperation and planning are essential to complete this task...

Hover Ball - With the Hover Ball team building exercise, the team is in a simulation in which they are required to transport a ‘radioactive bomb’ through a series of obstacles from the start point to the safe zone, using only the cradle provided.

No-one can touch the ‘bomb’ and all the team members must pass through each obstacle....A newspaper and a roll of tape is all the team will receive to complete this exercise. Cane Tower - Your team are lost in a bamboo forest, the only real hope is to catch the attention of people in the nearest village before nightfall.To be seen from the village, articles of clothing must be hoisted to exactly 6 metres on two separate structures. Spiders Web - The aim of the challenge is for the whole team to travel through the web.To complete the challenge, you will be provided with several platforms to use.If anyone steps on the hot lava, you will have to restart the challenge.Electric Fence - The aim of the challenge is for the entire team to cross from one side of the fence to the other without touching the fence line.There are two variations of this challenge a more basic version and the more advanced one, both are great for developing teamwork and trust...At the moment, the web is blocking your path to safety.Be careful though, as the web is extremely poisonous and any time a team member touches the web, the challenge will be restarted...Marble Tube - Your team are on an archaeological expedition, you have been tasked with recovering precious marbles from an ancient burial chamber to a protected area.Using the tubing provided, you are required to transport these marbles from the start point through to the end of the course...


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