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Thus, I show this film clip to illustrate how psychologists “don’t work.” Increase Relevancy – Finally, using fairly recent popular films allows you to “talk” in a language that students understand and frequently use.

Another way to think about it is that the student tends to think of newer movies as more relevant to them and their world.

For instance, you may want to use as a jumping off point for discussing Dissociative Identity Disorder but you may find that the students are not enthused about it and consider it dated.

I guarantee, however, that you will not receive this reaction if you choose to use more recent films like (if you have not seen this movie I just ruined the ending for you – sorry! TEACHING TIPS: USING FILMS IN THE CLASSROOM FOLLOW THREE CRITICAL RULES There are a number of steps that can be taken to reduce any potential problems associated with using a movie and to make it a beneficial experience for you and your students.

One of the basic rules of communication is redundancy, that is, communicating the same point in a number of different ways.

Movies provide a concrete way to present important information (Anderson, 1992), sometimes in a way that grabs the class by their collective lapels and gives them a good shaking!Ganzert, the association’s chief executive, said in a phone interview last month."It's all too easy to blame others for one's own faults and it's clear from the essay that people are playing the blaming game and not owning up to the role they play in the continued abuse of animals in film.And, while they claim they're not to blame or that there is some sort of conspiracy, animals needlessly die.We can use these films as a reminder that not everything presented on the silver screen is accurate and thus students should view portrayals of psychology with a discerning eye.For example, in , starring Robert De Niro and Billy Crystal, the absolute disregard for client confidentiality is appalling.It is important to note that I believe that the same teaching tips apply to the use of theatrical films and educational videos, although there are generally fewer time concerns with educational videos.In my opinion there are three crucial rules for insuring successful use of videos in the classroom. Previewing allows you to answer a number of crucial questions. Are there portions of the movie that can/should be skipped? If so, does the importance of the material outweigh the possibility of offending a student?I will conclude with a method for using film to teach psychology outside of the classroom. Complement Other Course Content – There are many excellent reasons for using films to teach psychology.The most basic is that theatrical movies or educational videos can complement the text, lectures, and discussions.You can voice your opinion by contacting the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences at 5220 Lankershim Blvd North Hollywood, California 91601; telephone: (818) 754-2800) or you can email them here.You can also contact movie studios and email the American Humane Association at [email protected]


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