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If you have any questions about our Summer Bridge Programs, please contact the summer programs office at (936) 261-5914 or [email protected]

If you have any questions about our Summer Bridge Programs, please contact the summer programs office at (936) 261-5914 or [email protected]

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Participants will receive 6 hours of college-level coursework.

For additional information, please contact (936) 261-1040 or [email protected] Josette Bradford Program Dates: July 7-August 5, 2019 Panther Pride Application 2019 Math UP & Write UP is a non-residential program that provides entering Freshmen with personalized mathematics and writing instruction from PVAMU Faculty to jump-start college mathematics and writing preparation.

These programs are designed to provide students with a jump start to their college experience.

Students will have the opportunity to engage with faculty, staff, and other students while earning college credits toward their degree.

Once a month, we have Family Fishing Days, where we partner with local bleeding disorders organizations across the country.

I work with local departments of natural resources and industry leaders in various states to make sure everyone can catch a fish that day.Fishing teaches you to be in the moment, as well as to respect and protect those around you. ) Bonding with others is the first philosophy; the second is responsibility.People may think of fishing as a solitary sport, but it’s anything but. With fishing, it’s OK to go up to a complete stranger—no matter what background they come from, what color, what political party, what religion, what gender—and ask them, “Are they biting? At Country Boy Fishing, we coach children with bleeding disorders to become the best fishermen they can be, whether they want to do it for fun or for college scholarships. With a disease like hemophilia, it’s incredibly important to do your infusions, stay active and protect your joints and body. I put it third on purpose because being a leader isn’t about being a boss, it’s about being a servant.I’m honored to share my love of fishing with my community.It’s a great way to stay active that’s not hard on your body.The hosts of those shows, guys like Roland Martin, Bill Dance and Hank Parker, were my Le Bron James and Kobe Bryant.I saw that catching fish and winning tournaments could become a career. The second ember was spending a summer at a hemophilia camp when I was around 7 or 8.Program Dates: July 7-August 5, 2019 CE2I-Application 2019 Architectural Concept Institute (ACI) is designed to give high achieving incoming freshman students an opportunity to immerse themselves in the study of architecture. Participants will receive 12 hours of college-level coursework. Program Director: Carolyn Davis at (936) 261-9237 or [email protected] will receive 12 hours of college-level coursework. Program Dates: July 7-August 5, 2019 Business Scholars Application Agriculture Summer Jump Start Program is a five-week Summer Session II academic program designed for incoming freshmen in the College of Agriculture and Human Sciences.That's what we're supplying you -- exceptionally quality internship at inexpensive rates.After that, every Sunday I’d sit on the couch, eat my cereal and watch fishing shows.


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