Rainy Season Essay For Class 3

Rainy Season Essay For Class 3-3
On a rainy day the sky remains covered with clouds.

On a rainy day the sky remains covered with clouds.

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They plough their fields, within a few days the whole earth becomes green with grass and plants. The scenery is very beautiful and soothing to our eyes. These are some disadvantages also in the rainy season.

Rare sights like the rainbow and peacock can be seen.

There was a day when it rained and I did not like it. The poor man stood for a moment looking dazed at the rushing water.

It was a holiday and I had planned to enjoy the day. It rained for four hours during which period all activities came to a standstill.

As roads become muddy, people face difficulty in going from one place to another.

Rainy Season Essay For Class 3 Hidden Lessons And Essay

THE RAINY SEASON Paragraph: Of the six seasons in Bangladesh the rainy season is the most important due to its contribution towards our agriculture. Thunderstorms (বজ্রবৃষ্টি) are very frequent (সচরাচর দেখা যায়). The rainy season is very important for our agriculture. Farmers anxiously wait for the rain as cultivation depends on rain. Rainy Season Composition – There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Sometimes this sound breaks the heart of a lover in separation. A green coloured covering can be seen on the earth. The cattle which are thin and lean in summer season become healthy in this season. Thus we see that everybody welcome this season in his own way. July and August are the main months for this season. We have Bay of Bengal in the east side and Arabian sea in west side. Agriculture depends on rain so that farmers become happy. The rainy seasons give food and water to hungry and thirsty animals. Due to heavy and continuous rain houses are damaged. During the rainy season, the sky remains covered with (1791) clouds most of the time. Everything becomes full of water and the scarcity of water is no longer felt. Hence, we can say that the vast greenery of Bangladesh is the bounty of the rainy season. But, sometimes the rainy season lasts from the middle of June to the middle of September. “Patter patter went the rain” on the tin-sheds, creating a rhythmic melodious liquid but metallic sound, in which the poetic mind discovers enjoyable rhymes.Due to the heavy and incessant rainfalls, wells, ponds, rivers, canals, “lakes, etc. This sound is anesthetizing, dream-giving, and tonic. It takes us into the subconscious, an extraordinary world we have within ourselves. Amphibious creatures and playful fishes run to and fro out of ecstatic joy. We have the Indian Ocean to the south of our country. It rises very high in the sky and in its place winds, full of moisture, come from the south. These winds are called monsoon winds, and the season is called the monsoon season or the rainy season. The rainy season in India lasts from July to September.


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