Relationship Essay Introduction

They seem to be common sense such as be there for each other, support one another, help each other, keep personal information private, and be trustworthy.

These are all rules that keep a friendship together.

No one likes a friend that they cannot count on or trust.

Look more: I looked up relationship rules theory in the library database and I came across an article called The Power of the Unpredictable.

Watch what other employees do to know what kind of behavior is allowed and what is frowned upon.

Be respectful and obedient to those who are positioned above you.

Stay away from behavior that could be observed as sexual harassment. “The Power Of The Unpredictable.” Psychology Today 26.1 (1993): 46.

Relationship rules are necessary to obtain healthy happy relationships.

I decided to choose this theory to write about because we all have experience with these relationships rules and it is insightful to learn about them.

These rules will help improve relationships whether it be with friends, family, co-workers, or significant others.


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