Research Assignment

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No research paper is good unless and until you are organizing the accumulated notes properly, and adding valid arguments in support of the notion or the particular topic which have been assigned.

View the PIL video summarizing their research on the search behaviours of today's post-secondary students.

Research Assignment

The goal of this course is to write one, 12 to 15 page (max 20 pages), and research paper.

This will make it easier to acknowledge your sources correctly and retrace your steps if you need to.

According to a recent series of large-scale research studies by Project Information Literacy (PIL), students at all levels experience significant information-related challenges.

Or you can do research that someone has not assigned to you, for example, if you’re curious about psychology, or if you want to tell the world why sleep is good for your health, and you want to find out what scientists have discovered about the subject before you write up something.

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